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Traffic information

Okehampton Town Centre

Okehampton is a popular market town in West Devon with a role as a regional centre, serving a wide rural hinterland of 30,000. There is growth expected in the town, with the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan (JLP) allocating residential and commercial developments between 2014 and 2034 in the east. To ensure the town is able to support current and future demand, Devon County Council have considered options to manage traffic in the town centre.

A previously identified intervention (2010) was the creation of a town access road. However, a further study carried out in 2017 concluded that the provision of a town centre access road is currently undeliverable. As a result, Devon County Council developed alternative proposals to improve traffic flow through the town centre, involving the re-design of up to three key junctions:

  • Junction of Market Street with the B3260, Fore Street and George Street
  • Junction of Mill Road with the B3260, East Street
  • Junction of B3215, Barton Road with the B3260, Exeter Road

These proposals were consulted upon in October and November 2020. The Consultation Report details the outcome of this process.