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Traffic information

Data in Devon

We collect, collate, analyse and report various traffic data for hundreds of locations across the county each year, (excluding the unitary authority areas of Plymouth and Torbay and the Highways Agency Trunk Roads (M5, A38, A30 etc)).

This data provides details of traffic volume, speed, vehicle classification and cycle track usage.

To view the locations of all sites where data is available use our interactive map and navigate to your location of interest. Guidance on using the mapping system is available here.

Please note: Once the map window opens if you choose to maximise it you will need to click the page refresh button in the browser toolbar to get the map to fill the whole larger window.

If you would like a copy of any data, make a note of the Site Numbers and Count Types, and email or telephone 0845 1551004.

Important notes

  1. Please note there may well be a charge for the supply of any data. Our current charges are here.
  2. There are a large number of manual traffic count sites where the Count Type is shown as “17 Cat DFT Link Counts”. We cannot supply the data from these sites as it is owned by the Department for Transport (DfT). Some data can be obtained via their website but for detailed information you might need to contact them direct.
  3. If there is no data available in your area of interest, and you intend to undertake a survey yourself or ask others to undertake it for you, you might need to obtain a Section 50 Licence. Find out more on our Traffic Survey page. Please note that unlicensed surveys and equipment will be removed from site.