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Safe travel

Safer roads

Report a problem

Report a problem  E.g.potholes, faulty traffic lights or flashing amber lights outside schools.

Maintaining Roads

More information about how Devon maintain the road network and the Winter service and Emergency Plan which includes details on salting roads, footways and cycleways.

Improvements for people walking and cycling.

Road space is being reallocated across Devon to improve the environment for people walking and cycling.

School Streets – traffic free roads outside schools.

Speed Compliance Action Review Forum (SCARF)


  • Community Speedwatch involves members of the local community and aims to educate drivers rather than prosecute.
  • First time offenders will receive further education and warnings.
  • Persistent offenders can expect further police action and a court appearance.

Speed detection device (SID)

  • A SID is a mobile screen that displays the speed a driver is travelling at.
  • This often immediately prompts the driver to reduce their speed.
  • The device is geared towards education rather than prosecution.
  • A speeding may be stopped and spoken to about their speed.
  • Some offenders will receive a letter shortly afterwards.

Vehicle activated sign (VAS).

  • These devices can be either permanent or temporary and normally attached to a lighting column.
  • The sign displays the speed limit when a vehicle is driven past at a speed above this.
  • This is for education rather than enforcement.

Police enforcement.

  • Neighbourhood Beat Manager going out with a speed measuring device.
  • Targeted police operation to stop large numbers of drivers or riders.

Peninsula Road Safety Partnership.


  • Engineering solutions can sometimes be used to reduce the speeding issue, funding dependant
  • This includes gateway features to villages and towns, road humps, rumble strips or lining and signing.
  • In some cases, the speed limit for a section of road may be found to be at odds with other roads in the area. This could be due to changes since the speed limit was originally installed.The speed limit may need to be reviewed, in these cases.
  • The result of the SCARF process is sent to the originator of the complaint and to the local County councillor.


Please email our Road Safety Help Desk