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Requests for Collision Data

Our data request service provides a mapped collision plot and/or a collision report for a specified site or location. Each years data is usually released the following May e.g. 2022 data will be released around May 2023. More on collection/release of data.

Collision map preview Devon collision map
This is a free online tool so you can check the latest 5 year data. This is helpful to check first particularly if there are no collisions reported/recorded in the area of interest, so you don’t have to send in a request and get charged for a nil return.


Commercial Requests:

For anyone acting on behalf of a client for example transport planners, solicitors and transport consultants. This also includes companies working on behalf of Devon County Council.


*Charges are waived if you are a company working on behalf of Devon CC, please add the details of which DCC employee you’re working with at the end of the form.

Complete a COMMERCIAL request form >




Non-commercial requests: 

For members of the public, local authorities e.g. parish or district councils, national parks, students and all other parties who will not be using the data for commercial reasons.

If you’d like to view collisions recorded for a certain location there’s no need to fill in this form, you can view this info on our public collision map

If you require further details on the collisions you’ve seen on the collision map (view an example report here) then please complete the following Non Commercial form.


  • A charge of £145+VAT applies to businesses requesting the information e.g. Hotels. An invoice will be emailed to the address provided, requesting payment before the collision data is released.
  • Charges are waived for public body organisations e.g. parish/district councils, anyone using the data for non commercial research purposes e.g. universities and students, or if you are a member of the public enquiring to see the collision data used as evidence in a declined planning application.
Complete a NON COMMERICAL request form >



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