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Requests for Collision Data

Our data request service provides a mapped collision plot and/or a collision report for a specified site or location. Each years data is released the following summer e.g. 2020 data will be released around June 2021. More on collection/release of data.

Collision map preview Devon collision map

This is a free online tool so you can check the latest 5 year data. This is helpful to check first particularly if there are no collisions reported/recorded in the area of interest, so you don’t have to send in a request and get charged for a nil return.


Commercial Requests:

For companies acting on behalf of a client, for example transport planners, consultants, solicitors and companies working on behalf of Devon County Council.

The standard charge for a pdf plot and report is £195+VAT. View an example report here.

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Non-commercial requests: 

For members of the public, local authorities (parish or district councils), students and all other non-commercial enquiries.


  • A pdf report listing details on a selection of collisions is £145+VAT*. View an example report here. An invoice will be emailed to the address provided, requesting payment before the collision data is released.
  • Charges are waived if you are a local authority (parish/district council etc.), student, or member of public enquiring to see the collision data used as evidence in a declined planning application.
  • A pdf collision plot (map) can be requested and provided free of charge, however if it’s just locations and numbers you need to see then there’s no need to fill in a form, please go to our collision map which is a free resource that shows this information.
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