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Collision data requests

Our data request service provides a mapped collision plot and/or a collision report for a specified site or location. The latest available data goes up to 31-12-2018.

2019 data will be released around June 2020. More on collection/release of data.


Devon collision map

This is a free online tool so you can check the latest 5 year data.


Commercial requests

Commercial requests relate to companies acting on behalf of a client, for example transport planners, consultants, solicitors and companies working on behalf of DCC

The standard charge for a pdf plot and report is £195 + VAT. View an example report here.

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Non-commercial requests

Non-commercial requests relate to members of the public, local authorities (parish or district councils), students and all other non-commercial enquiries.

Please complete the form below if you would like to request a pdf report containing more details on a selection of collisions. The report is provided at a charge of £145+VAT*. View an example report here.  Charges are waived if you are a local authority (parish/district council etc.), student, or member of public enquiring to see the collision data used as evidence in a declined planning application. In these circumstances the charges are waived as long as the data is not used for other projects otherwise this would be subject to our standard data request charge of £195+VAT.

A pdf collision plot (map) will also be provided free of charge. Note if it’s just locations you need to see then there’s no need to fill in a form, please go to our collision map.

*An invoice will be emailed to the address provided, requesting payment before the collision data is released.

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