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Special events

If you are organising a special event, such as a charity event, celebration or procession you need to let us know. This will enable us to try to prevent delays to your event by coordinating other activities accordingly.

  • You will need to give us at least three months’ notice of your event or your application may not be processed
  • If your event requires any restrictions such as road closures or suspension of parking you will need to apply for a temporary traffic restriction for a special event.
  • You will need public liability insurance, with a minimum cover of £5 million.

To apply, read our guidance notes for special events, fill in the application form and return it with your fee to or alternatively post to the address shown at the bottom of the form. If we receive an application with missing information this will be rejected.

Check what fee you will need to pay, and either send a cheque with your application or we can provide contact details to enable you to make payment over the phone.

If you are suspending parking or require enforcement, please see the information about parking enforcement.

Registering your event

If no restrictions are needed you still need to register your event at least three months before it takes place. We recommend involving us as soon as possible so we can make sure that you have a suitable traffic management plan prepared by your chosen Chapter 8 accredited contractor.

Email or phone 0345 155 1004

Contact your local district council licensing department to check whether you need additional permissions or licences for preparing and selling food, selling alcohol, markets or street selling.

You can get more information and guidance about running events from the Home Office and the Health and Safety Executive.

The Big Lunch/National Celebration

We require 6 weeks’ notice if such events are planned to be held on the public highway. If you want to hold a street party for The Big Lunch or National Celebration, you will need to apply for a temporary traffic restriction to close a minor road. If you are unsure whether your road is a major or minor road phone 0345 155 1004 or contact us via live chat or our online webform.

There is no charge for a temporary traffic restriction to close a minor road for these events. If you need no waiting cones these will need to be arranged via a third party contractor. Only a suitable insured and trained person may place signs or cones on the highway.

Application for The Big Lunch/National Celebration