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Maintaining roads

Maintaining roads


In light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, our Highways teams are prioritising our work to continue to deliver essential safety repairs on Devon’s roads, in order to maintain the local network for key workers, whilst also supporting the wider business to concentrate on critical areas of work.

As a result our ability to respond, as quickly as we would like, may be affected during this time and we thank you in advance for your support and co-operation.

We are responsible for over 12,800 kilometres (8,000 miles) of road from major routes to narrow country lanes, the longest network in England.

We have £78.2 million funding for highway maintenance in 2018/19. We will spend over £48 million on planned repairs to highways; the rest is spent on repairing safety defects, salting roads in winter, street lighting, repairing drains, cutting grass and other operations. Our priority is to keep busier roads in a serviceable condition with the limited resources we have available.

Find out more about our spending on highways maintenance.

Fixing potholes

Since the new year we have increased the number of gangs tackling potholes on the highway network. The recent adverse weather has exacerbated the situation but we are working hard to manage the work alongside our contractors.

We will only carry out a repair on a pothole which meets the criteria in our highway safety policy (see Appendix 1, part 1.1 for full details). If the pothole meets these criteria it is classed as a safety defect and we will do a temporary or permanent repair. The type of repair depends on the category of the road.

If you report a pothole and we don’t repair it straight away this could be because:

  • the pothole was inspected and is not deemed to be a safety defect
  • there is a problem with the surface of the road which needs to be investigated as a repair will not solve the underlying problem
  • traffic management is needed to carry out repairs safely.

In April 2016 the Department for Transport announced a £250 million Pothole Action Fund to improve local roads and deliver better journeys. For details of our yearly allocations, and a list of roads that will be repaired, using the fund, please see our pothole action fund page.

Progress on works programme

You can check for planned highway maintenance work on our interactive map.

Please be aware that these plans can be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

We also:

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for please take a look at our help and support page where we’ve brought together the answers to our most commonly asked questions.