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Guide: Business Plan 2015-2021

Guiding principles: Intelligent use of information

Information We use information available to us to identify opportunities for improving our service and:

  • Make decisions
  • Be aware of new and developing ways to do things
  • Enable our people to deliver their best for Devon



Examples of data from other sources:

  • How successfully new highway maintenance techniques have been introduced    elsewhere and how other authorities are approaching similar challenges.
  • Collision data which enables us to identify areas where highway safety may be a concern and prioritise schemes.
  • Daily weather forecasts which enable us to plan ahead for conditions that may affect the travelling public, such as flooding.

Examples of our data:

  •  what the people of Devon say about our service and what they need from us
  • the inventory of our highway assets (roads, bridges, drainage systems, street lights, signs and lines, etc)
  • the condition of our highway assets
  • the amount and type of traffic regularly using the roads
  • what we spend our budget allocations on
  • the knowledge and skills our people possess
  • the effectiveness of the treatments we use to maintain and build the highway network
  • the network of public rights of way and Definitive Map