Definitive map review

Since 1989 Devon County Council has undertaken a parish-by-parish definitive map review to ensure that existing public rights of way in each parish are correctly recorded in terms of status and location. As of March 2020, 364 parishes (85%) had been reviewed, whilst 28 (6.5%) are currently in progress. The progress map indicates the parishes completed (green), currently under review (pink and yellow) and those that will be reviewed next (blue).

For more information about the process please see our definitive map review procedure.

Parishes currently under review

More information about the parishes currently under review can be found here.

If you wish to submit evidence in support or against any of the current proposals for modifying the definitive map please print and complete the relevant form below, or contact the Definitive Map Review Team for further information.

Formal applications for definitive map modification orders are generally dealt with as part of the parish-by-parish review but sometimes it is considered necessary to consider them out-of-turn.

For definitive map review policy statements, which set out our priorities for keeping the definitive map up-to-date, please see our Rights of Way Improvement Plan and relevant policy updates.