children social care

Information typeKeep forKeep fromLegislation or business reason
Prospective adopters – withdrawn from process2 yearsDate of last contactProfessional decision
Foster care – private with disabilitiesEighteen yearsDate of birthProfessional decision
Employees working with vulnerable groupsSeventy five yearsDate of birthBusiness need
Adoption order not made – prospective adopterVariable depending on circumstancesDate adoption order refusedProfessional decision
Adoption order not granted – child recordSeventy five years or fifteen years if deceased before the age of fifteenDate of birth or date of death

Adoption Agencies Regulations 2005

Children Act 1989

Adoption order granted and case remains in DevonOne hundred yearsDate of adoption orderDisclosure of Adoption Information (Post Commencement Adoptions) Regulations 2005 Adoption and Children Act 2002
Care leaversSeventy five years or fifteen years after deathDate of birthChildren Act 1989 Children’s Homes Regulations 2001  
Residential homes – non childFifteen yearsCreationChildren’s Homes Regulations 2001
Residential homes – childrenSeventy five years or fifteen years if deceased before the age of eighteenDate of birth or date of deathChildren’s Homes Regulations 2001
Fostering employeesFifteen yearsCreationFostering Services (England) Regulations 2013
Fostering – home adaptationsCurrent year plus sixCreationFinancial Regulations
Fostering – unapproved assessmentsFive yearsClosureProfessional decision
Fostering – initial enquiriesTwo yearsClosureProfessional decision
Foster childFifteen yearsCreationFostering Services (England) Regulations 2013
Foster care – private with disabilitiesAge eighteen yearsDate of birthProfessional decision
Children in care subject to supervision ordersAge eighteen plus three years inactivityDate of birthProfessional decision
Safeguarding conferences draft minutesUntil approved at next reviewCreationProfessional decision
Missing childrenSeventy five yearsDate of birthChildren Act 1989
Independent reviewing conferencesAge eighteen plus three years inactivity (youngest sibling must be over eighteen)Date of birthProfessional decision
Independent reviewing 16 – 18Age eighteen plus three years inactivity (youngest sibling must be eighteen)Date of birthChildren Act 1989 Arrangements for Placement of Children Regulations 1991
Independent reviewing 0 -16Age eighteen plus three years inactivity (youngest sibling 18)Date of birthProfessional decision
Child sexual exploitationSeventy five yearsDate of birthChildren Act 1989
Child protection case summaries – home registers, ordersPermanentCreationProfessional decision
Child protection (section 47)Seventy five yearsDate of birthChildren Act 1989
Social work diariesCurrent year plus sixCreationFinancial Regulations
Complaints – Stage 3 – ReviewFive yearsFinal response from head of service deemed resolution - no further action requiredProfessional decision
Complaints – Stage 2 FormalFive yearsClosure, resolution and final responses - no further actionProfessional decision
Complaints – Stage 1 – informal, single, multiple, persistentSame as relevant case recordNo contact for two years from date of last complaint - no further actionProfessional decision
Children in needUntil child reaches the age of eighteen plus three years case inactivityDate of birthProfessional decision