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consumer protection

Information typeKeep forKeep fromLegislation or business reason
Weights and measures – technical verifications6 yearsCreationUCAS requirement
Weights and measures – metrology tests6 yearsCreationUCAS requirement
Simple caution reports6 yearsCreationLocal decision
Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act authorisations3 yearsCreationRegulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 Code of Practice
Returns of legal proceedings – lifetime banning orderPermanentFrom date ban enforcedLimitation Act 1980
Returns of legal proceedings6 years (or longer if ban over six years)Last court dateLimitation Act 1980
Premises visit reports6 yearsDate of visitReasonable precautions and due diligence evidence
Premises licences – underage alcohol sales enforcement3 years then reviewCreationLicensing Act 2003 Section 5
Legal reports and original court documents3 months unless notice of appeal - review file then return original to owners if necessaryLast court dateBest practice – appeals against conviction
Premises inspection historiesPermanentCreationLocal decision
Poisons – sale ofPermanent - annual checksCreationLocal Government Act 1972
Petroleum storage licenses – annual fee5 yearsCreationLocal Government Act 1972
Petroleum sites – required for future surveys for development workPermanentCreationLocal decision
Legal reports and documents – first copy and remaining originals6 yearsLast court dateLimitation Act 1980
Home authority file – BWC applications6 yearsCreationLimitation Act 1980
Home authority files – audit forms6 yearsCreationLimitation Act 1980
Home authority file – companies with registered office in Devon6 yearsCreationLimitation Act 1980
Food sampling6 yearsCreationFood Safety Act
Financial investigations3 years unless forming part of a legal report or confiscation proceedingCreationLord Chancellor’s Code of Practice on Records Management  Data Protection Act
Explosives storage registerCurrentCreationManufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations (MSER) 2005
Business advice – service warnings and others6 yearsCreationLocal decision – may contain personal data
Animal registration/license – farm animals – TB restrictionsCurrentCreationAgriculture Act 1970
Animal movement licenses – sheep3 yearsCreationLocal Government Act 1972
Animal movement licenses – pigs6 yearsCreationLocal Government Act 1972
Animal feed sampling6 yearsCreationAgriculture Act 1970