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information management

Information typeKeep forKeep fromLegislation or business reason
Information governance management reports/discussion papers6 yearsCreationLocal decision
Information governance team policies and proceduresPermanentCreationLocal decision
Information governance agendas, minutes, action logs6 yearsCreationLocal decision
Traded service correspondence2 yearsCreationLocal decision
Traded service transactions3 yearsCurrent yearLocal decsion
Information governance general enquiries – public180 daysCreationLocal decision
Information governance general enquiries – staff1 yearCreationLocal decision
Privacy impact assessmentsPermanentCreationBest practice
Information governance audit reports6 yearsCreationLocal decision
Information governance audit correspondence2 yearsCreationLocal decision
Information security training correspondence & attendance logs6 yearsCreationLocal decision
Information security training materialPermanent (updated when required)CreationLocal decision
Information security incident reports6 yearsCreation

Limitation Act 1980

Security exception reports5 yearsCreationLocal decision
Information security incident correspondence6 yearsCompletion of investigationStatute of Limitations
Contractor security questionnaire1 yearCessation of contractLocal decision
Contractor data processing agreements6 yearsCreationLimitation Act 1980
Criminal proceedings correspondence and disclosures3 yearsCreationLocal decision
Crown prosecution disclosures5 yearsCreationLocal decision
Crown prosecution service correspondence5 yearsCreationLocal decision
Section 29(3) requests and correspondenceLast action plus 1 yearCreationMinistry of Justice guidance
Court order disclosuresThree yearsCreationNational Archive guidance
Court order requests and correspondenceThree yearsCreationNational Archive guidance
Environmental information regulation complaints and responses3 yearsCreationLocal decision
Subject access request correspondence6 yearsCreationStatute of Limitations
Freedom of information correspondence6 yearsCreationStatute of Limitations
Environmental information regulations correspondence2 yearsCreationLocal decision
Subject access disclosures2 yearsCreationLocal decision
Subject access requests2 yearsCreationLocal decision
Information asset registration5 yearsCreationLimitation Act 1980
Freedom of information (FOI) disclosures6 yearsCreationLocal decision
Freedom of information (FOI) requests6 yearsCreationLocal decision
Environmental information regulations disclosures2 yearsCreationLocal decision
Customer service transactions – enquiries, requests and complaints180 daysCreationLocal decision
Customer service transactions – logged emails, phone calls, faxes and SMS180 daysCreationLocal decision
Environmental information regulations requests2 yearsCreationLocal decision