How has the information been collected?

The Devon HER was started in 1975 by the Devon Committee for Rescue Archaeology and was transferred to Devon County Council in 1979. The HER has information taken from published archaeological and historic sources, as well as acting as a … Continue reading

What format is the information in?

The Devon HER contains a searchable digital database of over 70,000 archaeological monuments together with digital mapping of these monuments. We also hold paper versions of all of these records. The full monument records can be viewed within Heritage Gateway. … Continue reading

What information is in the Devon HER?

The Devon HER contains over 80,000 records of: Archaeological monuments (e.g. prehistoric flint finds, hillforts and field systems, Roman roads, medieval fortifications, significant placenames, sites of palaeoenvironmental importance, Second World War defensive sites, etc.) Historic buildings Archaeological events (excavations, archaeological … Continue reading

Who uses the Devon HER?

The Devon HER is used by members of the public, professional and amateur archaeologists, academic researchers, planners and anyone with an interest in the historic environment of Devon. It is widely used by local archaeologists and historians in their research. … Continue reading