• How do I request a new grit bin?

    Requests for new grit bins should at first be discussed with your town or parish council or county councillor who will contact the local DCC Neighbourhood Team and assess the request.

  • Do you grit the roads to schools?

    We treat up to the main entrance of secondary schools. However, it is not practical to salt/grit approaches to every school. It is the schools’ responsibility to ensure they are properly prepared for winter and we do not provide salt/grit bags. Schools can purchase bags of salt from various commercial organisations such as builders merchants […]

  • Do you use salt or grit or both?

    Most authorities use pure salt to pre-treat the highway network to mitigate the formation of ice and snow, although traffic is needed to make it effective.In snow In snow conditions grit is often added to the salt to aid traction. Pure salt is the most effect pre-treatment, grit is often added once snow has started […]

  • How do you decide when to salt/grit?

    The forecaster, Meteo Group,  issues a weather forecast, predicting road temperatures and when they are likely to reach freezing point. This forms the basis of the decision whether to salt/grit or not, what time to salt/grit and which parts of the route need to be treated.

  • Why don’t you salt/grit my road?

    Devon County Council maintains nearly 13,000 km or 8,000 miles of roads in the county. During a winter emergency situation it is not practicable or cost effective for the whole network to be pre-treated or cleared immediately. The primary salting network is made up of the major routes where the majority of vehicle movements take […]