School Travel Plan

What is a School Travel Plan?

A School Travel Plan (STP) is a living document which sets out how a school will promote safer, active and sustainable travel to and from school, with the main emphasis being on reducing the number of children being driven to and from school. It is written in consultation with parents, governors, staff, pupils and anyone else involved with the school.

A School Travel Plan is a written document which outlines a series of practical steps for improving children’s journeys to and from school. The travel plan is a living document that must be updated every year.

If the school is planning any building work on site, the planning authority will expect them to have a completed School Travel Plan.

What should be a STP contain?

A STP could have the following sections:

Our School

Description of the location, map, size and type of school, description of school catchment area.

Why have a travel plan?

List the benefits

Transport links and School Site Travel Facilities
Carry out a travel audit of the school and surrounding area. Make a note of access points, walking and cycling conditions including cycle paths and pavements, crossing points and nearby busy roads, cycle storage facilities at school, any feature of the school and surrounding area which would support or discourage walking and cycling to school, drop off points, parking issues and the impact of school run traffic on the school

Travel Survey 

Collect travel to school data for pupils and staff, finding out how pupils and staff usually travel to school and include the findings in the STP. This could include simple maps of approximately where pupils(and staff) live. This can help determine who could be encouraged to travel more sustainably inc car sharing

The three key questions to ask pupils are:1. How do you normally travel to school?

2. How would you like to travel to school?

3. What prevents you from using this different method of travel to school?

Ask staff whether they would be willing to walk, cycle, use public transport or car share and the reasons why.

Current engagement

Describe how your school currently engages with Devon County Council: e.g.Bikeability programme, Independent Travel Training, Sustrans Active Travel Officers, Walking Bus, Park and Stride, Cycle / Walk to School Week

Also include measures how your school works to reduce and manage parental parking and congestion issues at school travel time.

Targets / Goals

For example, to ensure Bikeability Level 2 (primary schools) and Level 3 (secondary schools) is offered to pupils, reducing car journeys for parents and staff by x %, increasing numbers of children travelling sustainably by x% etc

Action Plan

This should include all the measures that the school puts in place to improve rates of walking and cycling and to reduce the numbers of cars being driven to the school.

Monitoring and Review of School Travel Plan

Describe who will lead on the STP, when actions and targets will be updates, when the next travel survey will be carries out etc

What next?

Involve pupils, the school council, staff, parents and governors in a discussion about the draft travel plan. What do people like? Or not like? Do any changes need to be made? Everyone can do their bit.

a) Pupils –, arranging a travel survey, designing front and back covers , pupils taking photos of the site and local area, including pupil travel to school class work; pupils marking their route to school on a map, pupils drawing or writing about their journey to school.

b) School council – Include the travel plan as a school council agenda item, give school council actions in the travel plan.

c) Staff – arranging a travel survey, including the travel plan in a staff agenda, putting the plan on a staff notice board.

d) Parents – arranging a travel survey, putting the plan on the school web site, including travel plan information in newsletters, leaving the plan at school reception for viewing.

e) Governors – adding the travel plan to a governor’s agenda, putting the plan on the school website, including travel plan information in newsletters.


For advice on your draft STP please email

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