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Map Help

Map Navigation

Click and drag to pan around the map area.

To zoom in you can either use the mouse wheel, hold down shift and click and drag a box or use the zoom in button on the toolbar.

To zoom out you can use the mouse wheel or use the zoom out button on the toolbar.

Use the search facility in the toolbar to go to a place name, road, postcode or address.

Go to your current location by clicking the current location button in the toolbar. The first time you use this function, your browser may display a security message, asking you whether you want to share your location. If you deny this request the feature won’t work. If you accept, your computer will try to determine your location.

Reporting Faults

To report a fault,  please zoom in to a level which allows us to quickly find your fault

Click on a street light and select the report fault option.

To report any other fault click on the map and select the desired option.

Interested Party on Existing Faults

To log yourself as an interested party on an existing fault, simply select an existing fault and click Add

Open Data

To download Open Data, click on the Open Data icon from the menu bar