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Consultation and results

Background to the scheme

  • On-street parking surveys revealed that some residents in outlying areas were parking their vehicles in residential areas closer to the town centre during the day. The surveys also indicated that the amount of available parking in residential areas would be substantially reduced if a marked “Parking Bay” solution was pursued.
  • In January 2015 a two day exhibition of the proposals developed by the Working Party was held at the Methodist Church Hall on Fore Street.
  • The exhibition was manned by County Council staff and members of the Car Park Working Party.
  • 444 individual consultation responses were received following the exhibition with the results reported to and discussed at subsequent meetings of the working party.
  • Many of the proposals proved either non-controversial or could be varied to accommodate concerns received. However, the issues of residents’ parking within the town and the future use of the Upper Den Carriageway proved difficult to resolve.
  • The results of the consultation indicated that there was little demand for residents’ parking in large areas of the town but that support was much stronger in the area to the north of the railway line closer to the town centre.
  • After further consultation with the Town Council it was agreed that the following proposals should be advertised and the results of the consultation reported to the Teignbridge Highways and Traffic Orders Committee.

Specific proposals

  1. Residents’ parking
    Introduction of a residents’ parking zone is proposed in an area to the north of the railway line close to the town centre. The proposal includes all or sections of:
  • Bitton Park Road
  • Boscawen Place
  • Daimonds Lane
  • Exeter Street
  • Gladstone Terrace
  • Grove Avenue
  • Heywoods Road
  • Higher Brimley Road
  • Landscore Close
  • Salisbury Terrace
  • Shute Hill
  • Shute Hill Crescent
  • Winterbourne Road.

Qualifying addresses for permits lie slightly outside of the zone on Higher Brimley to allow flexibility to residents at the border of the zone if they wish to take advantage of it.

  1. Upper Den Promenade
    The ambition is to make more efficient use of this area while retaining the benefits of a summer closure. The proposal is to extend the closure period to cover 1 May until 10 September every year. This will enable the closure to be effectively signed. In the period that the road is open it is proposed to introduce Pay & Display which will allow for a longer than usual 1 hour free period and a cheaper on street tariff than available elsewhere in the town. Installation of ticketing machines which will require a full number plate to be input will enable the spaces to be turned over daily with an 8 hour non-return period. This will address a particular concern over the potential for pollution of bathing water on the beach when mobile toilets are emptied down the highway drains by caravan and camper van users staying overnight.
  1. Wellington Street
    This is a premium area for parking in the town which ideally should turn over quickly to enable ‘pop and shop’ activity. The proposal is to rescind the police parking area and introduce short term pay and display with a 30 minute free period.
  1. Dedicated parking bays
    Bays are also proposed for ambulance vehicles only on the promenade along with permit parking for the lifeboat station on The Strand.
  1. Somerset Place/Quay Road
    Following removal of a traffic island in 2014 it is proposed to rationalise the parking to protect turning movements into and out of Gales Hill. It is also intended to remove the loading ban outside the diving centre to enable heavy gas bottles to be delivered more easily.
  1. Station Road
    Following representation from taxi drivers it is proposed to extend the rank on Station Road by five spaces which means losing six limited waiting bays. It is proposed to provide seven Pay and Display bays on Lower Brook St by removing sections of double yellow line.
  1. Higher Brimley Road
    It is proposed to make this road one-way from west to east between No 1. Higher Brimley Road and the junction with Winterbourne Road. This will discourage the use of this road as a short cut and enable approx. 7 parking spaces to be created by removing double yellow lines.
  1. Other proposals
    There are a number of other proposals, principally involving the provision of double yellow lines at junctions and on narrow roads throughout the town which are proposed in response to requests from residents.

Details of the proposals including plans and comments forms can be found by following the links below.

General information

Parking restrictions

One-way and prohibition of motor vehicles on The Promenade

One-way on Higher Brimley Road

Consultation and what happens next?

A formal consultation on the proposals took place between 27 May and 20 June 2016. All responses received as part of the consultation have been summarised and the scheme was considered by the Teignbridge Highways and Traffic Orders Committee at its meeting on 14 July 2016.

The Committee agreed that the scheme should be introduced without amendment but that it should be reviewed after a year of operation in view of the contentious nature of some of the proposals.

The Committee Report and Minutes can be found by following this link