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Access ramps

An access ramp is a specially constructed section of pavement or verge to enable wheelchair or mobility scooter access onto a pavement/property.

Individual access ramp

If you are applying for an access ramp for individual use you will need to apply for a licence which costs £281, this is split into two payments. If you are creating a new access direct onto the highway which does not cross a pavement or highway verge, please contact our team to discuss whether you need to apply for a licence. You can call us on 0345 155 1004.

The cost of constructing an access ramp varies depending on the contractor you choose, and the specification of crossing required, but will probably be somewhere between £500 – £1500. Our licence costs £281 in total, which covers our safety assessment, construction audit and administration costs.

Community access ramp

If you are requesting an access ramp, or series of ramps which will benefit the community, for example, to provide an improved route for wheelchair users to access local shops and amenities, please contact our customer service centre on 0345 155 1004 and explain your suggestions. They will record the request for your local neighbourhood highway officer to assess for feasibility and priority. If your local officer feels it would be of significant community benefit, it will be placed on a list for prioritisation against other local schemes for the annual programme of potential improvements