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Maintaining roads

I have received a letter or notice about my tree

Dangerous tree letter or markings

If you have received a letter or notice from us in the post or seen a letter or notice attached to your tree, please complete the form below to confirm to us if you are or are not the owner of the tree(s) and that you will be taking action. If you need further information or support to deal with your tree(s), let us know and one of the team will contact you.

If your tree has been marked with a cross or circle, you will need to phone the number on the notice attached to the tree. If no notice is attached, phone 01392 385084 (Option 1)

  • A circle means that remedial work is needed, such as removing a branch
  • A cross means that the tree has been marked to be felled
  • Two circles mean that remedial work is needed immediately
  • Two crosses mean that the tree has been identified as imminently dangerous and needs to be felled immediately.

Carrying out work on your tree

It is good practice to employ a specialist qualified contractor to carry out the work. Work on the highway should be carried out safely and by surgeons qualified to work in accordance with the recommendations in Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual. The person responsible for the work, or their contractor, should have Public Liability Insurance cover for working on the highway for a value of £5 million. Read our information for landowners for more detail.


For information about how we will handle the data collected in this form please see our privacy notice for tree safety.