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Guide: Business Plan 2015-2021

Our purpose: To operate the highway network

Traffic signals Bideford quay - Photo taked by Julian Roskilly
Photo credit Julian Roskilly

We aim to operate the highway network to enable the flow of traffic.

We proactively manage the movement of traffic on the highway network.  Our 24 hour service deals with incidents and emergencies affecting the highway network, monitors traffic and congestion on major routes, and plans our response to forecasted weather emergencies.

We also:

  • coordinate dates and timing of works to minimise disruption to traffic
  • manage and enforce parking restrictions
  • supervise and enforce highway activities
    including works and events


Traffic includes pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders, as well as all types of vehicles.

When agreeing any work or activity on the highway network, we focus on safety of the workforce and all highway users.

We try to let people know what we and others, are planning to do and when, by publishing our work programmes and our policies.

We enable the use of the highway to support the economy and local community by provision and supervision of a variety of licences.  For instance skip and scaffold licences, street cafes, and special events.  The Public rights of way network, together with Stover Country Park and the Grand Western Canal, support the tourism economy and contribute to health and wellbeing for locals and visitors alike.

To keep the most important roads open when there is ice and snow; we do precautionary salting (gritting), and work with local communities to enable self-help through our snow warden scheme.  With the help of our Parish Paths Partnership scheme we also keep public rights of way clear for locals and visitors to use all year round.