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Guide: Business Plan 2015-2021

Our purpose: To improve the highway network and delivery of our service

We consistently work towards improving the highway network and the way we deliver our service, despite ongoing funding reductions.

Our approach to the financial challenge includes:

  • robust strategies for management of highway assets
  • the ability to successfully apply for government funding, such as the Pothole Action Fund, to deliver improvements
  • working with other authorities and partner organisations to design good highway maintenance solutions
  • developing a flexible workforce
  • working with communities and partners to identify and deliver local priorities for improvement schemes
  • developing and implementing Town Traffic Management Plans in consultation with communities
  • delivering the requirements of legislation affecting public rights of way
  • using modern technology to reduce costs
  • training volunteers to assist us with the delivery of improvements to our Highway network

We are currently working towards:

  • Introducing LED street lighting on all main roads, which will reduce carbon emissions and save on running costs
  • Using alternative materials and methods of maintenance
  • Improving our website content to enable people to easily find and understand information provided about our service, policies and priorities
  • Replacing cumbersome paper-based application processes for various licences with web-based alternatives.
  • Developing a new approach to the amendment of waiting restrictions with County Councillors
  • Introducing new ICT solutions
  • Implementing the provisions within the Deregulation Act which affect Public Rights of Way
  • Applying for Heritage Lottery Funding for Stover Country Park