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Guide: Business Plan 2015-2021

Guiding principles: Strong business focus

Business iconTo deliver our service with reduced funding in an ever changing world, we need to be a robust, effectively managed, highly capable team.

We are working towards this by:

Evaluation – Critical evaluation of our service delivery.
Opportunity – Identifying and maximising opportunities to acquire funding and to secure sources of revenue.
Involvement – Active involvement at regional and national level with industry groups.
Knowledge and skill – Having a strong plan to develop our people to meet the service needs.
Management – Managing projects, change and performance.
Discipline – Being disciplined, consistent and with clear accountabilities
Financial Control – Robust processes to manage service finances.


  • working with local communities, community groups, local businesses and other agencies to identify opportunities for self-help schemes or match-funding to deliver improvement schemes to meet local needs
  • recovering our reasonable costs and seeking opportunities to generate income

Involvement:  To ensure we are:

  • keeping ahead
  • collaborating with others and
  • influencing the development of professional thinking and practice.

Evaluation:  To ensure that we are:

  • using the resources available to us as efficiently as possible
  • learning from our experiences
  • understand how we are performing compared to other authorities facing similar challenges
  • sharing experiences and working with others to maximise opportunities
  • listening to and supporting our parish and town councils and communities

Knowledge and skill:  To ensure that our people:

  • are equipped with the knowledge and skills the business needs
  • apply their skills throughout the service
  • understand their role and responsibilities and are supported to deliver them
  • are empowered to think creatively and bring about effective changes in support of our highway strategy

Management:  To ensure that business improvements are:

  • implemented in a controlled manner
  • delivered at appropriate speed
  • achieving what we set out to do
  • action is taken when we identify issues comfortable