Factsheet: Parking dispensations


Dispensation notices give permission to park to do planned works at premises which are next to parking restrictions, in restricted zones or in residential parking zones.

Dispensations have to be granted by us and we will only do this where it is essential that the vehicle is parked close to the property to carry out the work, and where the impact on other road users, businesses or pedestrians is kept to a minimum.

You can have up to four active dispensations at an address at any time. Dispensations can be withdrawn if they are not being used for their declared purpose, or if the terms and conditions of use are breached.

Who needs a permit?
Everybody doing work at planned work at a property. There are exemptions for:

  • contractors on emergency call outs for gas, water or sewerage leaks, glazing repairs or mains electrical repairs – in emergency repair situations you must display on the dashboard a notice on business headed-paper stating where you are working and your contact details
  • statutory undertakers and utility company vehicles parked in the works area.

How do I apply for a permit?

  • Visit www.devonpermits.org or phone 0345 155 1073.
  • You need to apply for your daily dispensation permit at least two working days before the date the work starts, and before 4pm on a Friday for weekend working or jobs starting on the following Monday morning. Dispensations cannot be issued on the day.
  • Dispensations permits are not valid for use in Torbay or Plymouth. Please visit their websites for details of any scheme they offer.
  • Dispensation permits must be paid for at time of application by credit or debit card.  Any declined applications will be refunded.
  • Annual dispensations permits will be posted to you, daily dispensation notices are sent by email for you to print off and display on your vehicle dashboard whilst working.

How much does a dispensation cost?

The current cost for successful applications is £5.

What does the dispensation cover?
A dispensation notice allows extended parking in permit holder bays or limited waiting bays at or near the place of work. In extenuating circumstances if it is essential that the vehicle is left on-street close to a property to carry out a particular job, permission may be granted to wait on yellow lines or in zonal areas, such as pedestrian zones. This would only be if no other parking or waiting alternatives nearby can be used, and it is safe to do so.

Why wasn’t my dispensation approved?
We can refuse an application if we believe that the vehicle is not essential to the work, or we can offer an alternative location nearby if more appropriate. Vehicles being used for personal travel to and from a work site, or as a storage facility, are not eligible for dispensations and must be parked legally elsewhere.

If you fail to display the dispensation or breach of any of the terms and conditions we can issue a parking ticket or withdraw the dispensation. If a parking warden asks you to move the vehicle you must comply with their request.