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Factsheet: Parking dispensations - contractor trade permits


The Council acknowledges that there will be times when contractors, trades people, landlords or letting agents will need to park close to a property address to conduct works on behalf of the owners.

Trade permits or waivers (dispensations) can be issued solely at the discretion of the Council to give the permit holder permission to park to do planned works at premises which are next to parking restrictions, in restricted zones or in residential parking zones.

We will only issue a parking permit or waiver where it is essential that a works vehicle is parked close to the property to carry out the work, and where the impact on other road users, businesses or pedestrians is kept to a minimum. You cannot use this permit solely to commute to a work site.

Daily or weekly permits or waivers are now issued digitally rather than in a paper form, but an annual permit is still issued in a paper form and comes with a contact card which MUST be completed and displayed on the dashboard throughout the period you are working on site.

A daily or weekly permit or waiver can be bought online without the need to be pre-registered. An annual trade permit does require an applicant to register with Council before an annual permit can be bought.

Whilst some daily and weekly permits can be bought on the day if you want to use a marked parking space, anyone wanting permission to park on any yellow lines or in a controlled or restricted zone should apply at least 2 working days (48 Hours) ahead of the date they want a permit to start.

For further information open our factsheet