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Rosebarn Lane area 2019 consultation

Following the consultation in 2018, the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee at its meeting on 30 July 2018, resolved to carry out a further consultation to discuss the detailed proposals for a residents parking scheme within the Rosebarn Lane area.

Why are we doing this?

Residents have contacted the council to report that they are experiencing difficulties parking since in nearby streets.

Why should I respond?

It is important that we know the current views of everyone who might be affected, even if you have already responded as part of previous consultations. Your response will contribute to the final decision.

When do I have to respond by?

The consultation was run between Thursday 7 February and Monday 4 March 2019. The consultation is now closed.

Further information on the background of this scheme and the permit types available.

The proposals for the Rosebarn Lane area now cover the following roads:

  • Aldrin Road
  • Armstrong Avenue
  • California Close
  • Canberra Close
  • Collins Road (between Rosebarn Lane and Stoke Valley Road)
  • Doriam Close
  • Falkland Close
  • Florida Drive
  • Great Hill View
  • Linnet Close
  • Mayflower Avenue
  • Michigan Way
  • Newfoundland Close
  • Patricia Close
  • Pennsylvania Road (between Rosebarn Lane and Stoke Valley Road)
  • Perth Close
  • Plassey Close
  • Queensland Drive
  • Rosebarn Lane
  • Sheppard Road
  • Stoke Valley Road
  • The Fairway
  • Valley Park Close

Residents within the area have received information in the post with details of the consultation and how to respond.


What happens next?

Comments from this consultation have been summarised and reported to the meeting of the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee on 9 April 2019. This web page will be updated as this consultation progress.