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Carbon reporting tool

Devon County Council has declared a climate emergency. Within the carbon reduction plan there are targets that need to be met. These include a plan to become net-zero carbon by 2030, this includes emissions from its purchasing of goods and services.

If you undertake construction work on Devon’s roads or road assets, we would ask that you help us in our journey by providing carbon data on the completion of your work scheme.

Before you start

We want to work with all our contractors to support the return of good quality data. This will help us to understand current emission levels and work together to reduce them.

Please read this guidance which will help you to understand what information is required to fill out the form.

For a short introduction and guidance please watch the demo video;

Work details

In this section we will ask:

  • contract
  • name of contractor
  • title of work
  • order number (if available)
  • start and end date of the work

We would ask that you return the details upon completion of the work. If you have a large job with multiple elements, you may wish to break this down and submit it as each activity or phase ends, for example, site clearance is one entry, drainage is a second, and resurfacing is a third.

We would encourage as much data to be returned as possible but understand that we are all on a learning journey. Individual work areas may have individual requirements for returning data.

If your work involves undertaking high volume multiple works in a shift, such as tree safety and cyclical works, please provide us with the data for a ‘shift’ or number of days of activity.

For further guidance on entering work details please watch the short demo video;


Within this section of the form, we ask you to detail the materials that have been used for the scheme. If you are unaware of the material element we ask that you provide as much information as possible. If you are unsure please leave the element field blank.

This includes:

  • material
  • material subcategory
  • quantity
  • work type
  • independent transportation

We require the information from once you are responsible for the material. If you ordered materials from an overseas provider and have paid to have them delivered to your company premises, please include this.

If you ordered materials from a local company, (which may or may not have been manufactured abroad), please tell us about what you know. In most cases, this will be the transportation from the UK local trades supplier only.

If the materials you used are not available select ‘custom’ and add the associated emission factor. If you would like a material to be permanently available you will need to get in touch with us.

Please ensure you have the emission factor listed on the form.

For further guidance on entering material details please watch the short demo video;


This section involves information regarding what plant you have used. Which includes:

  • plant
  • quantity
  • fuel type
  • fuel used
  • work types
  • independent transportation

If the material has been transported try and select the most appropriate option, but please only report the mileage once. Do not place in both the plant and materials sections

If the plant used is not available please use the ‘other’ option.

For further guidance on entering plant details please watch the short demo video;


Please tell us if there is any waste that has left the site for the scheme. If the item is not available there is an ‘other waste’ option.

Within this section we need to know:

  • waste
  • quantity
  • work type
  • independent transportation

For further guidance on entering waste details please watch the short demo video;

Operative travel

We would like to know the operative’s journey for the scheme.

We ask that any travel subcontractors or traffic management is recorded within this section. This would only be for the vehicle involved. 

The detailed name of the car type from the list provides guidance for the size of the car. For example, if ‘small car’ is selected, the options available are small petrol car (under 1.4 litre engine) or for small diesel cars, the threshold is a 1.7 litre engine. Where the size of the car is not known, then ‘average car’ can be selected.  

The categories within this section are:

  • vehicle
  • fuel type
  • quantity of fuel or mileage

For further guidance on entering operative travel details please watch the short demo video.

If you need help please email

For further guidance on submitting the form

Please watch the short demo video;