Updated Guidance for Childcare and Educational Settings in the management of COVID-19

It is imperative that the Local Authority is notified of any confirmed positive Covid cases (staff or children) in your setting.

Please see the flow chart from PHE for childcare and education settings.

Childcare and Educational settings should contact the DfE helpline (0800 046 8687) if you need advice or support for single confirmed COVID cases.  They can support risk assessment and follow up.

Childcare and Educational settings only need to contact PHE SW Health Protection Team if they have had 5 or more cases in the past 2 weeks OR more than three class bubbles are affected, or you have taken all actions and are still seeing more cases in your setting, or you have a high rate of severe illness/complex cases, or the cases are linked to a variant of concern.

You should contact the DfE Helpline regarding possible COVID cases if:

  • The possible case has been admitted to hospital
  • Possible case who won’t get a PCR test
  • A Possible case is a household contact of a confirmed case