FREE- Child Exploitation webinars

Educare UK (part of TES, Times Education Supplement) is one of the largest professional digital communities, connecting and supporting practitioners and educators globally.

They have partnered with the NWG Network (National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children & Young People) to deliver two free (recorded) webinars:

Reframe the blame – Child Exploitation (15 minutes)

Recognising that the children involved in CSE are victims is starting to be better understood, but we still have a long way to go across many agencies and also within our communities.

In this first webinar in our ‘Reframe the blame’ series we meet Billie and follow their story as they meet a new set of friends and experience a range of different exploitation models. The webinar covers the models in detail and will show professionals how Billie is groomed and exploited.

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Reframe the blame – The Importance of Language (12 minutes)

When discussing children and young people who have been exploited it is important that appropriate terminology is used. In this webinar we look more closely at myths and misconceptions of exploitation and consider how language can imply the child or young person is to blame.

We continue to follow Billie as they seem to be exploiting their own family and peers. We will ask you to consider if Billie is a victim or perpetrator.

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