Early Years SEND Individual Inclusion Funding

From Summer Term 2021 we will no longer require the SEND Individual Inclusion Reviews to be emailed into the Early Years Funding mailbox.  You must continue to complete the termly review, share with your parents and store them securely.  The review may be requested by professionals during a visit or may need to be emailed to Early Years if funding is audited.

If you have a new application for SEND Individual Inclusion funding for Autumn 2021, the deadline is 31st May 2021.  If you are submitting a new application, please ensure the subject reads “ SEND Individual Inclusion New Application” and do not include any other questions that need an urgent response.  If you are requesting an increase, please ensure the subject reads “SEND Individual Inclusion Increase Request”.

Please ensure the Application is fully completed otherwise it will not be processed.  Please check the term the funding is to commence is correct, page 2 is signed and dated and you confirm that parental consent has been given at the end of the form (to be stored securely at the setting).  We have over 400 children receiving SEND Individual inclusion funding so want to ensure the applications are received in good time for the Panel meeting and without queries.

If a child who is in receipt of SEND Individual Inclusion funding leaves or joins your setting, please email eyef@devon.gov.uk so that funding can be transferred if attending another funded setting in Devon.

Please note that all applications must be sent via Egress.