Blayco face visor: model PF-01 – latex warning

This is an important notice from the Department of Health and Social Care relating to the Blayco PF-01 Face Visors which have been sent out to organisations between the 27th December 2020 and the 3rd February 2021.

We have been alerted that this product has symbols to indicate that it contains Latex on one LOT and on another LOT symbols to suggest it is Latex Free (See Picture 1).

A review has been undertaken of the product with the supplier who has now confirmed there is a small amount of latex encapsulated in the head band in the LOTs provided with this Latex symbol.

latex logo

Notice must be taken of this labelling to avoid use of these visors by people with latex allergies.

Although these visors are safe for use for people who do not have a latex allergy, due to the inconsistent labelling, we have made the decision to ask organisations to quarantine stock and we will then make arrangements to collect this stock. As some providers only received small batches of this stock, it may also be disposed of locally.

The Department of Health and Social will make arrangements to collect the product and you can arrange for this to be collected by contacting the NHS Product Enquiries Team on quoting Ref: Recall Blayco PF-01 Visors and confirming the volume of product to be uplifted.

Immediate action has been taken to stop any further distribution of the product.