30 Hour Codes for Summer Term funding

This is a reminder that 30 hour funding is only available for children who turned 3 by 31st March and had a valid code with a start date up to 31st March 2021.

If the Grace Period has ended and parents now try to reconfirm, there will be a break in their eligibility.  Any codes with an ‘eligible from’ date of 1st April onwards will not be funded in Summer Term.

Any parent that choses to move their child to a new setting when their eligibility has ended and they are in the grace period will not be able to access the 30 hours across the 2 settings in the summer term.

Please refer to our Extended Entitlement update – Summer 2021 for more information.

Parents may be eligible to use the Tax Free Childcare scheme (if your setting is registered) or may get help with childcare costs if they are in receipt of Universal Credit.

The Childcarechoices.gov.uk website is available for parents and contains useful information about the help available for childcare costs.