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Instructions to ensure safe hoisting of service users and safe use of gantry hoists

Always ensure that when using any hoist to transfer a service user, the hoist straps and lifting motor are in a position vertically above the service user, using slide sheets or bed to reposition them prior to lifting/lowering.

If the hoist straps and motor are not positioned vertically above the service user, it will cause excessive wear to the hoisting equipment, can cause the hoist to fail and become unsafe and potentially put the safety of the service user and carers at risk.

When using Gantry Hoists ensure carers  are aware of the instructions regarding checking, prior to each lift, that the hoist gantry does not have the red marker showing at the top of the upright, which indicates the gantry is not tightly secured to the ceiling and is therefore unsafe.

Any concern regarding the safety of any equipment MUST be reported immediately to the equipment provider.
For DILIS (Millbrook Healthcare) issued equipment contact:
Tel: 0330 124 4491  (24 hour number) or Email Millbrook


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