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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

A to Z Wellbeing

Topic Information and links

Drink less– support from One Small Step

Drink aware– Information, advice and support

Anxiety Mind – What is anxiety?
Apps Take a look at wellbeing apps
Bereavement Cruse– Bereavement support
Burnout HelpGuide– Burnout prevention and treatment

Care Workers’ Charity – free mental health and wellbeing sessions with a qualified therapist.

Able Futures– Nine months advice and guidance from a mental health specialist.


National Debtline– Debt advice and support

Step Change– Free debt help and advice

Depression Mind – What is depression?
Divorce Money Helper– Divorce and separation
Domestic violence

Women’s Aid

Man Kind

Refuge– National domestic abuse helpline

Exercise Active Devon– Community-focused, non-profit organisation dedicated to inspiring and supporting Devon to be active.
Financial Look at our financial wellbeing section
LGBTIQ+ Intercom Trust– Support, helpline and training
Men’s health

Andy’s Man Club– Offering peer to peer support and meet ups

Men’s Health Forum– Advice and information for men’s health


Acas– Menopause at work

Menopause support– Support and advice


Mind – Mindfulness exercises and tips

Mindfulness works– Mindfulness in eight weeks

NHS – What is mindfulness?

Physical health See our physical wellbeing for all support and information
Selfcare See our self care section on how to support your own wellbeing and others

Talkworks– Improving sleep workshop

Sleep Charity– Information and support


One Small Step– Support to stop smoking

NHS – Quit smoking support

Social care

Wellbeing hub– Wellbeing support for social care workers

Care Workers’ Charity – Wellbeing and financial support for care workers

Our Frontline– Support for all social care workers

Stress Mind- How to manage stress

It’s safe to talk about suicide– Help guide

Pete’s Dragons– Offering bereavement support

Zero Suicide Alliance– Free online training courses teach you the skills and confidence

Information on if you or others need urgent support


NHS – What is yoga?

Free yoga- Yoga with Adriene


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