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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Improved care and health worker parking permit scheme launched

Permit will help care and health workers ‘to do their jobs’

A new Care and Health Worker Parking Permit has been launched, and it allows professionals visiting people at home to park on single and double yellow lines in certain circumstances.
Currently care and health workers who hold the existing permit can park in on-street, limited waiting and residents’ parking bays for no charge when delivering essential services to residents in their homes.
Holders of the improved permit will additionally be allowed to park on yellow lines for up to an hour – but only if there is no other parking available, if they are making a home visit, the permit is clearly displayed and the vehicle is not causing an obstruction.
The parked vehicle must not block access or pose a danger to road users by, for instance, parking on a corner.
The improved scheme is being launched initially as a year-long pilot and the changes are in recognition that in some communities parking can be difficult to find and can add to the stress of an already demanding job.
The scheme follows a consultation in which 89 per cent of respondents agreed that including yellow lines in the scheme would make their jobs easier and 80 per cent said it would help them care for their clients. Almost 65 per cent said it would help them manage stress and most said that parking near their clients’ homes would help them feel safer if they were working alone.

More information about who qualifies for a permit, how permits are issued, where you can park with this permit etc. can be find please HERE.

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