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Case study for Jasmine who works as a Social Work Apprentice


Job title: Social Work Apprentice

Area of work: Children and Families -Mid and East Devon

I decided to do the apprenticeship with Children’s Social Care to help people with less privileged upbringing and bad life experiences so far, to flourish and live a happy but more importantly, safe life.

I only joined the apprenticeship in January, but I’m really enjoying it. I like getting out and about with the social workers and seeing them in their day-to-day job roles. But most of all, I enjoy the hands-on aspect of the apprenticeship, as I get to see what I’m learning about actually happening in person.”

I have a long way to go, but I look forward to observing every aspect of the role and how everyone works together to achieve a common goal. I am also looking forward to becoming more independent once I have been with the team for a bit longer. In the future, I aim to become a qualified social worker and thrive in the role and the difference I can make!