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Picture of Rodney


Job title: Experienced Social Worker

Area of work: Children and Families team- Exeter

When I started my role as an overseas social worker in December 2022, everything was blurry. I questioned myself if I would manage the work and felt anxious about this role in a new country with different systems compared to South Africa. However, I now feel confident and believe that I am capable of executing my job responsibilities. I’ve received great support from my Line Manager, Nathalie, the Assistant Team Manager, Doris, and the entire Children and Families team. My manager follows the overseas transition workers’ guideline for a protected caseload during probation, which is key to my learning.

The support and welcoming warmth of my colleagues in the team played a critical part in my settling into the social worker role. I am grateful to have found a supportive team because one of the worries one has as a black person is issues of discrimination and institutional racism, which I have not experienced at this stage. The truth is that there is more work to be done in social work, but I believe that with great support from managers and the team, it makes things manageable.

I recommend that other overseas social workers consider joining Devon, mainly due to the social work academy and the beautiful scenery of this Devon county.