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Case study for Josphine who works as an Experienced Social Worker

Josphine Zvinawashe

Job title: Experienced Social Worker

Area of work: Children and Families team - South

The programme was really clear and achievable for me as a starting point. We were carefully introduced to different services through induction programmes, and this provided us with an opportunity to explore the resources available. It equipped us with the knowledge we needed to start out in this new environment. I think the most challenging part of the relocation for me was adjusting to my new environment, as I came during the coldest time.

What I enjoy most about the role is I love talking with young people and their families, and I enjoy listening to how they view their life experiences as I engage with them in issues that affect their well-being. I also love the nature of a multiagency network, knowing that safeguarding is everyone’s business and how sharing information with other professionals is key to having better outcomes for the children and families we serve! In addition, Devon is beautiful and has interesting getaway places. I am still exploring new places around Devon as the sun is now shining for much longer.

I would definitely recommend others to take this opportunity to grow and experience a whole new dimension of social work. If you are open to a new challenge, this could be it for you.