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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Supported living

MPS: supported living


Clients have their own tenancies in properties where support is available and a provider is generally on-site to provide shared hours of support. We are currently in the process of remodelling our supported living service with a view to tendering these services, which is planned for 2021.

Housing Strategy 2020 -2025 Definition

Supported living (or housing with care)

Arrangement whereby a client who has support from a ‘care and support’ provider who already has or wants their own tenancy, is helped to live as independently and safely as possible. Clients who live in supported living arrangements can live in different settings, for example:

  • with other clients with similar needs but have their own tenancy agreement and bedroom – this provides both independence and companionship
  • in their own in flat, house or bungalow, with their own tenancy but in close proximity to other clients with similar needs.

Care and support providers visit in order to help clients live as independently and safely as possible.

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