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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Group-based care and support, day services

MPS: group-based care & support and day services


Unregulated care and support is provided to clients in their own homes and the wider community in order to meet their assessed needs, including the provision of day care.

This service is commissioned through the supporting independence contract which is used by both Devon County Council and the Devon Partnership Trust. The contract is split into 2 lots.

Lot 1: Group-based care and support

This is the term for services where groups of clients come together for a service that is delivered to a number of clients at the same time.

We’re aware that COVID-19 will be a factor in what we think these services should look like in the future. There are conversations which will offer a platform for reconsidering the role of day care services in the new scenarios we all now have to plan for.

In this respect, we will ensure there is every opportunity for providers to bring fresh ideas and new delivery models forward before any commissioning decisions are finalised.

Lot 2: Individual care and support (also known as enabling)

This is the term for a support package which is delivered exclusively to one individual, in order for them to achieve their goals. Enabling offers support and help so an individual can accomplish things at home and in their community to support their independence.

If you do not have a contract and are interested in getting into business with Devon County Council, please email us at

If you are already in business with Devon County Council and would like to discuss an existing contract or update your details, please contact

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