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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon


This eLearning section outlines key training areas for all adult social care providers. If you have any questions or would like to discuss training opportunities please get in contact with Nicki or Ruth


e-Learning for Healthcare

The e-LfH is delivers over 350 e-learning programmes in partnership with professional bodies. All health and care providers are eligible to access these eLearning resources at no cost. To register follow this link to access the e-learning courses.

Learn Devon

Learn Devon provides adult and community learning courses on behalf of Devon County Council. They have a number of different learning opportunities.


Safeguarding adults training is available for anyone who works with or cares for adults at risk of significant harm. Safeguarding training and Mental Capacity training is currently funded at Level 2 and Level 3 for Private, Voluntary, and Independent, Health and Social Care Providers. For further information look at the Torbay and Devon Safeguarding Partnership.

If you have a Devon County Council email address, you can create an account and access the E-Learning via DEL.

If you do not have a DCC email address, please email for them to set up an account for you. You will need to include your full name, job title, full working address including postcode, email address and contact number in this email. You can contact the team regarding any Safeguarding Adults or Mental Capacity Act workforce development requirements.

Care Certificate

The Care Certificate is an agreed set of standards that define the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of specific job roles in the health and social care sectors.

The Tailoring the Care Certificate resources have been developed to support workers achieve the minimum standards of the Care Certificate in job roles where more specialist skills are needed.

  • Lone workers
  • Services for people living with dementia
  • Services for people with a learning disability
  • Services for people with mental health conditions
  • Supporting autistic people
  • Supporting people at the end of their life

Care induction framework

This Framework has been developed by a small group of Devon ASC providers. The Framework includes suggested education and training opportunities to develop introductory knowledge, skills, and behaviours in new care employees, with links to resources to support delivery. Please look at this helpful link to the different sections of the care certificate and where to access the training Care Induction Framework (based on the Care Certificate Standards).

eLearning- Preceptorship

eLearning opportunity supporting the transition from newly qualified to being in employment and a registered professional. Access this eLearning from e-LfH to support you.

  • Introducing Preceptorship
  • Developing the Understanding to be an Effective Preceptor
  • Consolidating Your Preceptee’s Previous Experience
  • The Preceptor-Preceptee Relationship and Communication
  • Principles and Values of Healthcare
  • Coping and Resilience
  • Reflection and Reflective Practice

Minimum standards training

The following table is derived from recommendations from Skills for Care and the Care Certificate, the training links with the CQC fundamental standards. It is advisable that these minimum standards are refreshed yearly and completed fully every three years. To access the free courses you will need to set up an eLearning for Healthcare account and search the titles of the course and to access DEL for the other courses.

Training  CQC fundamental standards  Where 
Basic life support Safety e-LfH Basic life support care certificate
Moving and handling Safety e-LfH Level 1 Moving and handling
Safeguarding (level 1 and level 2) Person-centred care, consent, safeguarding from abuse Del Level 1 Safeguarding, Del- Level 2 Safeguarding
Mental capacity (level 1 and level 2) Person-centred care, consent Del Level 1 Mental capacity, Del- Level 2 Mental capacity
Equality and diversity Dignity and respect, safeguarding from abuse e-LfH Level 1 Equality diversity and human rights
Privacy and dignity Dignity and respect e-LfH Privacy and dignity and care certificate
Fire safety Safety e-LfH Level 1 Fire safety
Health and safety Safety e-LfH Level 1 Health, safety and welfare
Communication Person-centred care, dignity and respect e-LfH Communicating with empathy
Infection prevention and control Premises and equipment e-LfH Level 1 Infection prevention and control, e-LfH Level 2 Infection prevention and control
GDPR Good governance e-LfH Level 1 Data security awareness
Nutrition and hydration Food and drink e-LfH Fluids and nutrition care certificate
Person-centred care Person-centred care, dignity and respect e-LfH Person centred approaches
Dysphagia and choking awareness Food and drink, safety e-LfH Dysphagia training, e-LfH Dysphagia essentials
Oral health Person-centred care, dignity and respect e-LfH Improving mouth care
Dementia awareness Person-centred care e-LfH Dementia (DEM)
Mental health awareness Person-centred care e-LfH Mental health awareness programme
Learning disabilities Person-centred care e-LfH Disability matters


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