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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Apprenticeship Levy Case Study

SeaMoor Residential Care Services

Apprenticeship training through levy funding is a way to support our staff and improve the overall care that we can provide for our service users.

What promoted you to apply for an apprenticeship? 

Our company only had limited places available for the Apprenticeship Scheme and we wanted to be able to offer this opportunity to all our new employees and any current employees. Who would benefit by way of updating knowledge and training in this ever challenging job as carers in a Residential Care Home for the elderly.

How has the apprenticeship helped the organisation? 

Our staff feel valued and therefore able to provide better quality and understanding of the care they provide and improving their chances of promotion and achievement.

What have the benefits been?  

The benefits have been more knowledgeable staff by way of giving them confidence and a greater understanding of the importance of keeping records as detailed as possible to help achieve better centred care for the residents.

What are your future plans after the apprenticeship? 

We would like to offer the opportunity of an apprentice training level as part of the recruitment of more staff, so everyone has an opportunity to take up the offer and work at their own pace, but to be supported by the workplace.

What would you say to others thinking about an apprenticeship? 

To offer this to your staff can only improve the understanding and help with confidence through knowledge and training which can improve morale and achievement for staff wellbeing.

How did you find the Devon County Councils apprenticeship levy process? 

Devon County Council were very supportive throughout the levy process. Replies were almost instant and offer of support welcome.


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