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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Tips for team and peer support

  • Block out time for supportive supervision sessions either 1 to 1 with individuals or as team.
  • Find time during shifts to catch up with each other, perhaps over a tea/coffee break or lunch. Listen to what each other has to say, talk about your thoughts and how you are feeling.
  • Actively schedule time that everyone is aware off or a ‘team check-in’. Come together to share experiences. Perhaps book this at certain times in the day, such as at handover or at the beginning and/or end of a shift.
  • Linked to the above, introduce a positive reflection exercise, where staff identify three things they have done well that day.
  • Taking the above idea another step further, as a team complete the going home checklist. A set of simple steps to help you manage your own/the team’s wellbeing at the end of each working shift.
  • If a shift has been particularly difficult, make sure there is time set aside for people to come together and speak with colleagues and/or a manager before leaving for the day.
  • Introduce a buddy system, where staff are paired up or put together in small groups to look out for each other. Alongside this, ensure inexperienced staff are paired up with more experienced staff.

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