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Market Position Statement

The Care Act 2015 requires Local Authorities to publish a Market Position Statement which provides an assessment of current and future demand, weighed against current supply and sets out the Local Authorities intentions towards the market.

The Market Position Statement (MPS) is a key tool with which to help build sufficiency in all sectors and gives a clear indication to providers about where gaps in provision and development opportunities may lie, to help inform their business planning.

Its purpose is to help providers and commissioners to work together to ensure that there are the right kind of services and other opportunities in place, in the right areas, at the right prices and quality, to meet the current and predicted need for services.

Please note that the current Devon Adults Market Position Statement is being updated incrementally and refreshed sections will be posted on the website as they become available and following road testing with providers.  Notification of updates will be posted and featured in PENPal.