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DILIS hoist and sling checks

Healthcare equipment must be well maintained to ensure clients and care staff remain safe. Inspection and servicing of hoists and slings is a legal requirement under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER). Hoists and Slings are part of a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedule, which is in place to make sure the equipment stays in good condition, and is safe for clients and carers to use.

Anyone using hoists and slings is responsible for carrying out these important safety checks prior to each use.
Hoists – mobile (electric and hydraulic), gantry hoists and motors, ceiling track systems and electric stand aids.

  • the hoist is fully charged, the battery and any leads are fitted correctly
  • there are no obvious signs of damage or fluid leaks from the hoist
  • the raise/lower mechanism works and the emergency stop button is set correctly
  • the lifting tape is intact and not frayed (applies to ceiling track, gantry hoists and certain mobile hoists)
  • the castors move freely, ie free from carpet fibres/ fluff etc (mobile and standing hoists) and
  • the base adjustment/hoist legs move freely (mobile and standing hoists).


  • the sling is the correct size and type for the client and is fit for purpose;
  • sling and hoist are compatible
  • all labels are legible and show the SWL and unique identifier and size
  • there are no signs of fraying, tears or deterioration etc
  • all stitching is present and intact
  • the velcro (if applicable) is clean and free of fibres/ fluff etc
  • the buckle (if applicable) has no signs of damage etc
  • the loops/clips have no obvious signs of damage, fraying etc and
  • is clean

If you identify a fault with either the hoist or sling notify the Service Provider – Millbrook Healthcare Tel: 0330 124 4491
DO NOT USE UNTIL mended/replaced.
Carefully RISK ASSESS the situation.

Additional information on LOLER and safe hoisting and maintaining lifting equipment can be found at:

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