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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Communication archive

Messages emailed directly to providers: date and topic

24/12/21 Day care providers. Government update to COVID-19 testing for adult day care centre workers and service users
15/10/21 Eastern providers. Supporting the current demand challenges
28/7/21 Exemption from contact isolation – Direct Payments recipients and their PAs
27/7/21 Exemption from contact isolation. Invitation to PA/micro-provider WhatsApp group.
13/7/21 Capacity Tracker engagement/refresher sessions
12/4/21 Capacity Tracker Provider Drop In Session 1 – Walk through of benefits of new functionality to providers
1/3/21 Infection Prevention and Control: Protecting yourself and the people you care for. Webinar on Wednesday 3 March
5/2/21 Webinar on remote monitoring of COVID-19 using pulse oximetry in care homes
27/1/21 Care home fee consultation 2021/22
21/1/21 Care homes, LD webinar 26 January
11/1/21 Care homes vaccination update and next webinar invitation

18/12/2020 Update on Devon COVID-19 vaccination programme for care homes
10/12/2020 Regulated personal care provider webinar – 17 December 10.00am
03/12/2020 Personal Care Short Term Block Contracts Teams meeting

16/10/20 Proud to Care winter recruitment campaign (email)

19/10/20 Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund Round 2

22/9/20  Financial and other support after 30th September 2020
11/9/20  Day Opportunities and Group Based Support financial arrangements from 30 September
11/9/20  Visitors to care homes
4/9/20 Part-funded Nursing Associate Apprenticeship programme (email)

6/8/20 Workforce Development Fund 2020-21 (email)

31/7/20 Invoicing for the period April to June (email)
17/7/20 Provider discussion – Options appraisal for future Proud to Care support regarding staff recruitment to the sector (email)
17/7/20 Provider discussion – Options appraisal for future Proud to Care support regarding staff recruitment to the sector
13/7/20 Invitation to Tender – CP1329-16 Supporting Independence
7/7/20 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Update
6/7/20 Proud to Care recruitment campaign
2/7/20 Government guidance for the safe use of multi-purpose community facilities
1/7/20 Summary of pre July financial support to the market

29/6/20 Financial support from July
16/6/20 Proactive provider media/social media support message (email)
8/6/20 Financial arrangements for Day Opportunities

26/5/20 Local webinar invitation
26/5/20 Second shielding letter
19/5/20 Further investments for Supported Living, Shared Lives, Enabling and Day Services
18/5/20 PPE distribution system update
15/5/20 Shielding vulnerable people letter
20/5/20 Local webinar reminder
15/5/20 Local NHS PPE training invitation
13/5/20 PPE recall warning letter
9/5/20 Care app and testing reminder
6/5/20 Local webinar invitation
6/5/20 Bank Holiday PPE orders reminder
5/5/20 Proud to Care recruitment update

24/4/20 Support to unregulated providers
22/4/20 Local webinar invitation
22/4/20 National home care webinar invitation
20/4/20 Care homes infection control PPE guidance
16/4/20 DCC PPE guidance
16/4/20 Local webinar invitation
12/4/20 DCC PPE guidance
9/4/20 Regulated personal care financial support announcement
2/4/20 Letter: Request for important information about providers’ services and staff

31/3/20 Prioritization tool and copy of DCC letter to service users
30/3/20 Critical worker letter
25/3/20 DCC overall market support offer
6/3/20 National guidance link

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