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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Support to the market until July 2020

Pre July level of financial support to the market

To ensure transparency, local authorities have been asked to publish the support they offer to providers of residential and domiciliary care services, as well as any other social care services they are supporting.  This information is already available in detail on this page, but it is also published here in the format required by the Department of Health and Social Care:

Support to providers that DCC has contracts with in response to COVID-19:

Domiciliary care             £265,516
Residential care             £2,870,337
Other provision              £801,373
Total spent*                   £3,937,226

*Total spent means funding or support that has already reached providers; our total commitment is currently £11.143 million

Overall financial support to the market

Devon County Council and NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group issued a support package to the market on 24 March 2020 including:

  • permitting providers to invoice for additional costs for PPE and staffing as a result of COVID-19
  • committing DCC to paying for all commissioned voids from 2nd March 2020

These arrangements are detailed in this Financial Support Arrangements letter (issued on 24 March) and they will be in operation until 30 June, with them being reviewed at the end of May.

Financial support for Regulated Personal Care

As well as the original market support offer, on 6 April Devon County Council announced a major investment in the price paid for regulated personal care. This is intended to improve the pay and conditions for care workers and ensure that they are paid a minimum of £10.00 per hour for all contact and non-contact time.

Here are the financial support measures Devon County Council is working on to increase support to domiciliary care providers. Please check the Indicative Heatmap showing urban areas, which accompanies these proposals.

Financial support for Care Homes

As well as the original market support offer, Devon County Council, Devon Partnership Trust and NHS Devon CCG issued further financial support to care homes outlined in this letter, sent to providers on 29 April.

Financial support for PAs employed by Direct Payment recipients

On 11 May we advised recipients of Direct Payments who employ Personal Assistants that we are continuing to pay Direct Payments throughout this period so that those service users have the means to make payments to providers.

Please direct any questions about this to the Arranging Support Team in your locality.

Financial support to Supported Living, Shared Lives and Enabling Day Services

As well as the overall support package to the market announced in March and April, on 19 May Devon County Council has decided to pay all designated contracts a single payment to a value of 5% of our commissioned services for a 3-month period. This would be limited to Devon County Council held contracts but would be for all care groups including people with learning disabilities, mental health needs, physical and/or sensory disabilities and older people. Following review at the end of June 2020 a decision will be made about whether any further payments will be made should the Covid-19 period and associated financial risks extend beyond this date.

The payment is available to use at your own discretion but is primarily a response to representations made by providers relating to their wish to offer additional reward to staff during the COVID period. We therefore anticipate that the additional money is most likely to be used to recognise and value the contribution made by your workforce.

The payment will be made as soon as possible (but by the end of May 2020) and will be backdated to 1st May 2020. The payment will be based on the rates paid to you after applying this year’s inflationary uplift and will be made to you automatically by DCC.

Please note that this payment only applies to DCC funded agreements and does not include any S117 arrangements. Discussions are continuing about those payments with our NHS partners.

Invoicing for additional payments

To enable us to authorise additional payments during this period, please provide the following when claiming:

  • For PPE we will expect to see an accompanying copy of the PPE supplier’s invoice, dated during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • For agency staff we expect to see a copy of the agency supplier’s invoice, dated during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • For staff overtime, we will expect to see a schedule of staff, normal hours they have worked, overtime hours they have worked, and the applicable pay rate for each on a schedule to accompanying your invoice to us.
  • Providers who can claim SSP costs from central government and make use of the furlough scheme should continue to do so, these costs should not be recharged to the Council. However, if providers have immediate cash flow concerns please contact us direct.

All providers should send their invoices to the following mailboxes, depending on where your service is located:

Providers of regulated personal care are required to follow the following process:

Please raise 2 invoices:

  • Invoice 1: Invoice actual delivery, from rostering, planning system, i.e. business as usual: including approved additional delivery, deductions on invoices for hospital discharges, missed or cancelled visits.
  • Invoice 2: For work commissioned during the March invoicing period (02/03/20 – 29/03/20), which was not delivered during the current invoicing period (April, May, June). This includes packages of care transferred to other providers, ended due to hospitalisation or death of the service user and packages which had / have been suspended either in full or part due to shielding. Please itemise all work lost from the March 2020 (baseline) invoice providing the Carefirst ID, the number of hours per week and the number of days the service has ceased and mark this 2nd invoice COVID.

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