At what point are tenders required?

Under Devon County Council’s own code of business conduct the thresholds for tendering are as follows :-

  • Above £1000 and up to £2500 two oral quotations.
  • Above £2500 (£5000 for works) and up to £10000 three written quotations.
  • Above £10000 and up to £50000 three formal quotations to be submitted in writing by a specified time and based on a written specification and award criteria.
  • Above £50000 and up to the relevant European Union threshold four formal tenders.

The European Union has various thresholds for different types of contract and contracting organisation but the main thresholds relevant to Devon County Council are as follows :-

  • Supplies Contracts£139,893
  • Services Contracts£139,893
  • Works Contracts£3,497,313
  • Any contract over these thresholds must be carried out in compliance with all relevant European Union procurement regulations, timescales and be advertised in the OJEU.

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