Community Energy Fund

Devon County Council has launched a new fund to support the Community Energy sector in Devon

What is Community Energy?

Community-led energy projects bring people together to secure the energy supply for their local area. The Community Energy sector encompasses collective action at a local level to reduce, purchase, manage and generate energy, ultimately enabling the local community to benefit collectively from the outcomes.

Activity can include reducing demand, improving energy efficiency or increasing the amount of energy generated from low-carbon and renewable sources.

Community Energy Fund

The Community Energy Fund was set up to support the recovery of businesses and the wider economy of Devon following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The key objective of this fund is to support, develop and fund a small number of high-quality Community Energy initiatives that will help to advance and strengthen the Community Energy sector in Devon.

Grants were provided to voluntary, community and public-sector organisations across Devon to help support Community Energy initiatives that:

  • improve the capacity of existing community energy companies in Devon to develop successful community energy projects
  • increase the number of community energy companies in Devon
  • provide accredited training that helps to move the community energy sector forward, particularly accredited retrofit training
  • increase public awareness of the benefits of community energy

Can I apply?

The Community Energy Fund is now closed to applications with the full funding amount allocated.