About us

Our overarching aim is:

To ensure that Devon has a flourishing and balanced economy, with strong economic growth and high quality employment.

There are 3 main strands to our work:

Supporting growth

We work in partnership with bodies such as the LEP and Devon and Cornwall Business Council to stimulate business growth. This includes improving access to finance, delivering improved connectivity, assisting businesses in finding appropriate workspaces and ensuring our workforce has the skills businesses need.

We try to take advantage of every available opportunity to interact with the business community, for example, through focus groups and attending events.

Attracting new business

We are constantly working to raise the profile of Devon as a world-class business location, for example, through our inward investment marketing campaigns and attending events.

We maintain Devon’s inward investment website and also work closely with UKTI to ensure that we are aware of all businesses looking to expand into Devon

Economic evidence gathering

We undertake continual analysis and monitoring of both local and national economic data, as well as monitoring any policy developments that may be relevant to our work.

We are also responsible for commissioning and maintaining the Devonomics website which provides a portal for economic data that can be used as an evidence base to inform decision making.