Funding and economic research

As well as being involved in several funding schemes to support the growth of Devon’s businesses, we also work collaboratively with other authorities and bodies on a number of projects. To support all our work, extensive economic research is commissioned and undertaken to provide a firm evidence base to support decision-making.

Funding and partnerships

Devon Funding News
We have set up the Devon Funding News website to provide a single portal for all funding news and information relating to Devon County Council and our partners in the community and voluntary sector. This includes both national and EU funding.

Economic research

We are responsible for maintaining the Devonomics webpages, which provide the latest economic indicators and analysis for Devon.

Local Economic Assessment
Alongside Devonomics, we have also produced a comprehensive Local Economic Assessment for Devon, which describes our county’s specific economic circumstances.

Economic data dashboard
This draws together a set of core indicators against which, the health of Devon’s labour market can be mapped and assessed.