Bideford Bay Seaweed Farm

The Green Innovation Fund has supported the deployment of a pilot seaweed farm in Bideford Bay. With the Sugar Kelp spores planted, Algapelago Marine Ltd is researching and developing the end uses of the seaweed. Partnering with Earthshot winners Notpla, the seaweed will create innovative, biodegradable plastic packaging alternatives. Other uses are being explored, including in cosmetics, animal feed, and fertiliser.

The grant has enabled the creation of four additional jobs within the first six months, with more opportunities arising in the local area as the company expands. Furthermore, the company is working with academics from Plymouth Marine Laboratory to do a baseline assessment on the site and measure the impact of the seaweed. As a crop which both sequesters carbon and improves the water quality, the environmental benefits of a seaweed farm in the area are enormous.

Humphrey Atkinson, Co-Founder, Algapelago Marine Limited, said: “Algapelago Marine seaweed farms are thrilled to be receiving Devon County Council’s funding and support to accelerate the development of our pilot seaweed farm in Bideford Bay. Devon County Council funding has helped to bring the seaweed farm with its bioremediation and carbon drawdown benefits from the drawing board to reality as well as giving investors confidence to back the company. We are excited to now scale up the company to bring local jobs and a new industry to the area in the shape of sustainable mariculture in support of the Devon Carbon Plan and its journey towards its Net Zero targets.”

More information can be found on the Press Release.