Reuse shops

Reusable goods are set aside/salvaged for re-use at all recycling centres (excluding Totnes).

All such goods are offered for sale by the contractors/site operators, and any money made contributes towards site operating costs.

Prices of items for sale are determined by the contractor and not Devon County Council.

From the 2nd January 2020, all payments at Exton Road Recycling Centre (both chargeable waste and resale shop transactions) must be made by debit/credit card. Please note that cash payments will no longer be accepted from the 2nd January 2020. Receipts will be offered.

At Brunel Road Recycling Centre (Newton Abbot) and Pinbrook Road Recycling Centre (Exeter), resale shop transactions over £10 must be made by card.

As stock is continuously changing, there is no guarantee of specific items being available. Please note that sales of electrical goods are not permitted to the general public with the exception of TVs, vacuum cleaners and lamps at the following Recycling Centres:

Due to space constraints, reusable goods are not sold back to the public at Totnes Recycling Centre. Any reusable goods received are donated to the charity Refurnish Devon. For further information and to donate directly please call 01752 927002.

For more information on reuse across Devon, please visit Recycle Devon’s Reuse webpage. Here you can find out about reuse and repair initiatives local to you.